July 30, 1990 to October 14, 2002

Multi V-1 Cdn./UCI Ch. Kyladies Urchyn SchHI, Ztp, BH, CDX, TD, CGC, HIC, TT, '95 Western Region Klub Siegerin
OFA RO-33744E24F-T Cerf RO-1856
Ch. Wyndhurst's Bold Apollo X Ch. Haramita's Zoe Freesia Aroma CD

Sable when she won SiegerinOn October the 14th 2002, Sable lost her battle with bone cancer. She was stoic and brave throughout her illness and stayed with her mom far longer than she should have. She was one of kind, more a partner than a pet and I am going to miss for a very long time.

At home she is affectionately known as "Dork". Her hobbies include Kleenex Shredding, Sock Stealing, and as a charter member of face washers anonymous, covering visitors with saliva. Now almost eleven years old, Sable has retired from most of her activities, although she recently won a recurring role on the TV series The Sausage Factory. They didn't want a Rottweiler but did like the fact she will snarl on command baring all her teeth. Her daughter Cali has to double I make look mean but I'm just working for a treatany of the more strenous activities called for in the script such as jumping through windows or charging at the bad guy.

Sable has been a wonderful dog and I am truly grateful she came in to my life. She was always willing to try anything I asked her to and her sense of humor gave me many lessons in humilty and a certain fatalistic view on competition. For all of that, she gave what ever she was doing one hundred and ten percent (it's the last ten you had to watch out for). She was and still is a very, very smart dog (not necessarily blindly obedient) and she can come up with some of the most creative solutions to problems you didn't know you had. (Full underwear drawer - solve that by hanging contents on bushes in the backyard). I can remember leaving her on a down stay in a training facility while I practiced hand signals in a mirror. I was puzzled about the laughter of the other students until they pointed out she was obeying all the commands perfectly some 40 feet behind me.

At one point in time she was the most titled female Rottweiler in Canada and few dogs of any breed can match of the variety of sports she has worked in, including: agility, conformation, drafting, flyball, herding, obedience, schutzhund, and CKC style tracking. Most importantly she has been a loyal friend and partner. She is (in my own and most likely biased opinion) almost perfect, although she does snore and is a bit of bed hog.



Fraser Valley Rottweiler Club Show (12 - 18 month female)

of med. size, strong, attentive and friendly, very good head, med. size correct ears, dark brown eyes, dark mouth pigmentation, correct coat, correctly placed med. brown markings, very good chest, shoulders correct, straight top line, pronounced rear angulation, free and fluent movement, scissors bite.

SG2 Erich Walbrodt

Fraser Valley Rottweiler Club Show (Open Female)

Sable's first V1med. size with sufficient bone structure, friendly and lively well shaped head, med. sized ears should lie tighter to the head, very good eye colour, dark mouth pigmentation, good forechest, very good topline, front and rear placed correctly, coarse coat with brown markings, fast trotter, scissors bite.

V1 Dieter Hoffmann

Fraser Valley Rottweiler Club Show (Open Female)

medium to large in size, very good bone structure, attentive and friendly, very good head, some what narrow muzzle, dark brown yees, ears are set on correctly should be carried closer to the head, strong neck, correct shoulders, very well formed chest, strong feet, back is slightly soft, strong rear, very good angulation, free in the movement, strong coat with brown markings, mouth pigmentation is dark, scissors bite.

V2 Helmut Frieburg

Westen Region Klub Sieger (Gebrauchshund [working] Female)

medium size, good bone strength, substantial, friendly, attentive, good forehead, the muzzle should be broader, ears set on high, should lay tighter, dark brown eyes, very good dark mouth pigmentation, wide and deep chest, good placed front, feet are well knuckled up, good topline, strong rear, very good angulation, strong coat, somewhat wavey on the croup, yellow brown markings, smudgy on chest, very good movement, scissors bite.

V1 Jurgen Wulff

Canadian National Sieger Show (Gebrauchshund [working] Female)

Med. size with still satisfactory strength of bone, calm, attentive, good head with still fitting muzzle, somewhat unpronounced cheek development. Med. Size ears not placed hidh enough on the head, brown eyes, gums and flews are dark, corners of the mouth slightly pink, good width of chest, with good depth of chest, very nice top and bottom line, good rear and fron angulation, Feet are well knuckled, Normal coat with brown markings, should be clearer on the front, light under the tail, moves somewaht narrow in the rear, free outreaching gait, shoulders are somewhat loose, Scissors bite.

V1 Hans-Jurgen Radke

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