Sable, Cali and LeslieAs a dog person I have been extremely fortunate to share my home with several wonderful dogs. My first dog was a Labrador Retriever. Shadow was the best friend any lonely teenager could have asked for and Rshaedyn Rottweilers is in part named for her.

Where do the Rottweilers come in you wonder. I lost Shadow to bone cancer when she was almost 13 years old and I knew that I couldn't be without a dog for long. I also knew that another Labrador puppy would cause too many painful comparisons. I wanted a short-coated breed that I could continue to walk at night with, compete in a wide variety of doggy events with, a dog that would have a good temperment but not be indiscriminate, in other words a Rottweiler.

After attending several shows I put down a deposit on a puppy from Kyladie Kennels in Alberta (I was living in Calgary at the time) and after what seemed an excrutiating length (about a year) of time my puppy arrived. I picked her up from the Vancouver airport and I must say that after living with a rather timid Labrador for many years Sable was certainly a shock to my system. I had expected that after seperation from her litter, the hours in a crate, the flight, all the noises of a busy airport, to see a rather intimidated puppy. Sable walked out of her crate like she owned the airport and was wondering why the valet was keeping her waiting. In the over eleven years we have shared together she hasn't changed all that much. (She still doesn't tip!)

Sable proved to be a highly driven dog and we had a lot of fun competeing in various sports. We managed to earn titles in conformation, obedience, tracking, and schutzhund. Sable's unique sense of humour made all of these sports far more interesting than they were originally intended to be. She was shown German style as well as CKC and received many V-1 ratings, earned her breed survey, and was the 1995 Canadian Western Region Klubsiegerin. During her varied career she also participated in herding, drafting, and earned 19 of the twenty points needed for her flyball dog title. At the age of ten and half she managed to win the part of Buster in the Sausage Factory series, (based solely on her ability to snarl on command with all her teeth showing). In 1994 Sable was bred to BIS, BISS Select Am. Ch. Nelson V. H. Brabantpark. After a difficult labour she produced 7 puppies, only 4 were born living and only three survived - Calisto, Kethry & Tarma.

Unlike her mother Calisto proved to be easy going and comparitively biddable. Where Sable's dominance makes her strive even now to be an equal partner, Cali just wants to be loved. Cali excelled in the conformation ring, winning many large classes in the CKC, AKC and German style shows. Less creative that her mother she proved easy to train for obedience. With changes in my career I wasn't able to do as much competing with Cali as I had done with Sable and most of her awards come from the conformation ring. In 1996 Cali was bred to Am./Cdn. UCI int. Ch. Mako von der Bleichstrasse BH, CGC, TT. She proved to be a model mother and with absolutely no trouble whatsoever she produced and raised ten vigorous puppies - Anke, Kaesa, Porsche, Tug, Toby, Bart, Barracuda, Vaughn, Bizmark and Hoser Mel.

Entering the dog world was a wonderful experience and I have made most of my closest friends there. I have been lucky to find many wonderful homes for my puppies and have developed strong friendships with many of their owners. I have no plans for future litters at this time. Sable is now a retired and semi-crotchety eleven year old with an enthusiastic verve for life and Cali is going on seven. For people who might be interested in puppies out of this lineage I would direct you to Steinplatz Rottweilers owners of "Kaesa" Ch. Rshaedyn's Black Thorne CD, CGC, TT and Rennick Rottweilers owners of "Hoser Mel" Ch. Rshaedyns Braveheart v Rennick both of whom are OFA excellent, elbows normal, cardiac normal and eyes certified.

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