The Rshaedyn Rottweiler Extended Family

BIS, BISS, Select Am. Ch. Nelson von het Brabantpark (Nelson) X Multi V-1 Cdn./UCI Ch. Kyladies Urchyn SchHI, Ztp, BH, CDX, TD, CGC, HIC, TT, '95 Western Region Klub Siegerin (Sable)

Rshaedyn's Altara Nightfall (Tarma)

Tarma and BuddyTarma was my first pick puppy. She had the head, she had the attitude but... unfortunately Tarma had brain damage. Tarma wasn't breathing at birth, at six weeks of age we noticed abnormalities in her movement. Subsequent neurologic testing revealed a lesion in her cerebellum, likely caused by the trauma at birth, which caused her movement on one side to be uncoordinated. This did preclude her being shown but did not noticably slow her down.

Tarma went to live with my employers Drs Birnie and Allen of the Clearbrook Animal Hospital. She has helped raise several orphen kittens and is show here with one of them. She has a fondness for eating cow pies, which has earned her the nickname "maggot mouth". Her hobbies included coyote chasing, cat washing, and sneaking onto the living room carpet where she was not allowed.

As Tarma got older she started to have seizures, very likely due to the cerebellar damage that caused her wonky gate. Her seizures were controlled by medication for many years and she lived a happy life with the Birnies. Near the end of the year 2001 the medications stopped contolling the seizures and complications from the medications caused other health problems. Tarma's quality of life deteriorated and the decision was made to put her to sleep. She was sent to the Rainbow bridge surrounded by the people she loved best.


Rshaedyn's Alexis Nighfall (Ramona)

RamonaRamona went to a wonderful home on a cattle ranch in Alexis Creek British Columbia where she lives with several working border collies (and presumably many cows). Ramona is a working dog her favorite job is holding down the load on the ATV. She enjoys swimming, riding the ATV, and sleeping in the boys bunkbed (top bunk). It's a dogs life!

Swimming with the boys, on the ATV,

V-1 Cdn. Ch. Rshaedyn's After Dark Am. CD, HIC, CGC, TT (Calisto)

V- 1 Select BIS Am. Cdn. UCI int. Ch. Mako von der Bleichstrasse BH, CGC, HIC, TT (Mako) X V-1 Cdn. Ch. Rshaedyn's After Dark Am. CD, HIC, CGC, TT (Cali)

Rshaedyn's Burning Desire (Anke)

Ch. Rshaedyn's Black Thorne CD, TT (Kaesa)

KaesaKaesa went to live with the Hartmans of New Brunswick. She has proved herself as a show dog and recently finished her CD. Kaesa has also recently whelped a litter by Braxenburg's Chasn Dragonz. Kaesa is OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, Cardiac and Eyes certified.

Rshaedyn's Black Magic (Porsche)

Rshaedyn's Barracuda (Barracuda)

Tragically hit and killed by a car Feb. 14, 1997

Rshaedyn's Bruce Lee (Bart)
V Ch.Rshaedyn's Big Sugar (Biz)

V Am./Cdn. Ch. Rshaedyn's Braveheart v Rennick (Hoser Mel)

Mel went to live with the Rennick's of Bothel Washington. They have done a wonderful job with him and finished both his Canadian and American Championships. Mel lives with the many other Rennick dogs including another intact male and gets along well. It could be said that he "plays well with others" and "doesn't run with scissors". Mel hobbies include rolling in smelling things (gets this from his Dad) and protecting chickens that mistakenly end up on the dogs side of the fence. Mel is OFA excellent, Elbows normal, Cardiac and Eyes Certified.

Rshaedyns' Black Sun Rising (Toby)
Rshaedyn's Before Dawn (Tug)
Rshaedyn's Bravon (Vaughn)
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