Cdn. Ch. Keerocka's Iron Knight
Am. Ch. Keerocka's Entertainer CD HIT X Am. Ch. Lehrs Marquis V Topaz PT

Ring BearerOn Dec. 2, 2009, at a far too short 7.5 years of age, Toad lost a short brutal battle with histocytic sarcoma. He was diagnosed the day before he was to be the ringbearer at Brennan's and my wedding. We still made him part of the wedding but didn't ask him to walk too far or carry anything.

He was the most stoic dog and was estatically happy to see all the various vets and vet staff even when they were doing something painful. I would like to thank the great doctors and staff at the Ellwood Park Animal Hospital and CanWest Veterinary Specialist and Critical Care Hospital for everything they did to make his journey as easy and painfree as possible.

Truly, Toad was one in a million Rottweilers. He was such a good ambassador for the breed. He was a willing worker and a number one face washer. He was chosen for many of his movie and television roles because he was "bomb proof" with everything from small children to other animals.

toad and Gabe - The DogFatherHis last role was playing the a mafia dog in "the DogFather" which should be released some time in 2010. He is shown relaxing with the lead dog from that movie, Gabe.

He was my best buddy and I am going to miss him for a very long time.




Toad comes from Julie and James Miller of Keerocka Rottweilers and is a double Taz grandson. He is shown at left at 6 months old at his first show in Vernon BC and below at work with Buster the monkey and Kayla the Aussie.

Chodo at 6 monthsToad's most outstanding quality is his temperament. He is very social, easy going and has almost what could be described as a politely interested point of view. He is proving himself a willing worker and we hope to be trialling for his Companion Dog title this summer.

Conformation wise Toad is a very typy male with a large beautiful head and heavy bone. He shows excellent side gait with strong reach and drive.

On May 19th 2003 Toad finished his Canadian Championship with a Best of Breed. His wins to date include:

  • Lower Mainland (Pot of Gold) - BOW & Best Puppy in Group - Judge: Mr. A. Landarte
  • Renaissance Dog Association - BOW - Judge: Mrs. Joyce Moulton
  • Renaissance Dog Association - BOW - Judge: Dr. Harry Smith
  • Renaissance Dog Association - BOW - Judge: Mr. Harald Pybus
  • Nicola Valley Kennel Club - WM - Judge: Mrs Marilyn Mincey
  • Nicola Valley Kennel Club - BOB -Judge Mr. A. Garach-Domech

Toad age 14 months

Mar. 2003 - Toad was prelim'd OFA Excellent and elbows normal.

Victoria Rottweiler Club USRC Sanctioned Show & BST
12- 18 month male class - Judge Ron Amos - Aug. 30, 03

Rating SG - 1

16 month old male of excellent type, excellent bone strength, excellent head, medium sized and correctly carried ears, medium dark brown eyes, slightly loose eyelids, dark mouth pigmentation, loose flews, strong neck, very good over and underline, excellent depth and width of chest, very good front and rear angulation, coat and color markings are correct but should be clearer on the front feet and chest, free movement with very good reach and drive, elbows a little loose at this time, complete dentition and scissors bite.



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